ICT for Sustainability - The Challenge of Making It Real

Conference Soirée


Subsequently to the conference on Friday, February 15, a soirée is organized. This evening will provide room to reflect on the conference activities, to discuss any further thoughts and to celebrate together.

The soirée consists of two parts and will be accompanied by drinks, a selected variation of warm and cold appetizers and a dance performance. It will start right after the panel discussion at the main building of the ETH and after a short shift of location continue at the Kaufleuten, an event hall located near the ETH in the city centre of Zurich.




Approx. 17:30
End of Panel Discussion

From 18:00
Drinks & Snacks
Main building of ETH 

Angina Electrica Dance Performance

Securing the trace of an encounter of kinetic and electric energy

In this tongue-in-cheek performance, two dancers being dressed for the worst case situation present an emergency scenario against threatening energy shortages in the murk periods of time.

Therefore, dancers and the audience will together produce the required energy to lighten the piece and to provide the acoustic surrounding. Electra, a specially designed electric current generator, will be used to transform in an archaic manner the physical energy into electric energy; environmental sustainability is guaranteed.

Noémie Wyss and Nina Willimann do not only examine the relations between the different forms of physical energy, but also the tension between two individuals and the energy that is released due to their friction.

After the Show
Dinner Party




On individual basis participants can get via public transport (Tram) from the ETH building to the location of the Kaufleuten. The tram leaves every 7 minutes from the station “ETH/Unversitätsspital” and it takes around 10 to 15 minutes to arrive at Kaufleuten. The different traveling options and tram timetables can be found on the homepage of Zurich Public Transport.

Alternatively, participants can join a guided walking tour through the city of Zurich to the Kaufleuten.

Approx. 18:30
Guided city tour to Kaufleuten (weather-dependent)
Easy walking distance, 1.4 km, approx. 30-40 minutes
Meeting Point will be announced




Participation is free of charge for all conference visitors. We kindly ask you to register for the social events.