ICT for Sustainability - The Challenge of Making It Real

Submission Deadline for Full Papers

September 28, 2012



How to Prepare and Submit a Full Paper and Additional Documents to ICT4S


Please read the following instructions carefully:

1. Revise and extend your paper taking into account the comments made by the reviewers (provided to you in the notification email).



2. Make sure that your paper adheres to the format specified in the “Microsoft Word” template or use the LaTex style.



Your final paper should not exceed 8 pages in this format. Do not use page numbers. Use 9pt font.

For formatting authors, see the “Microsoft Word” template (a list of authors with footnotes, followed by a list of addresses explaining the footnotes in single column format). Insert an empty line before every new affiliation. Start each affiliation with the footnote that associates the authors to this affiliation. List the email addresses of authors belonging to this affiliation in the next line directly after the affiliation (one email per author suffices). The editors remark at the end of the first column on the first page is necessary for publishing the full paper in the proceedings.



3. Please create a separate file named supplement<paper number>, e.g. “supplement23.doc” or “supplement23.pdf”. This file will contain to parts:


First part: Response to reviews
In this part, please explain in detail how you have responded to the comments made by the reviewers. You are not obligated to accept all the criticisms or suggestions provided by the reviewers, but you do need to provide an explicit rationale for your decisions.


Second part: Recommendation
This part ideally contains 2-3 lines of plain text. These few lines should formulate one or more recommendation(s) that are derived from the insights you present in your paper. A recommendation specifies which societal actor should do what in order to react adequately to the conclusion of your paper. Actors may include legislators, governments, standardization bodies, producers, industry associations, research funding institutions or whoever you want to address. The recommendations will be collected and compiled into a draft memorandum. The memorandum will be consolidated and statements will no longer be attributed to their originators. The memorandum will be discussed at the conference. In case you are not willing or able to provide a recommendation: Your full paper will NOT be rejected because the recommendation is missing, but we would like to encourage you to intensely think about a recommendation.



4. Submit your full paper as a new version of the existing paper as PDF in the ICT4S section of EasyChair: In the menu, choose “Paper <number>”. Then, in the box on the right hand side, choose “Submit a new version”. Add the supplement file as attachments to the submission.



5. The full paper and the response<paper number> have to be submitted no later than September 21, 2012.



6. Accepted papers have to be presented by at least one of the authors to be included in the proceedings. As the proceedings will be available to the participants shortly before the conference, make sure that the presenting author will register to the conference in time (by December 1st). The early bird conference fee is CHF 350.- (including welcome reception, all coffee breaks, three lunches, and public transport.



7. If the presenting author is not identical to the corresponding author, please send an email to ict4satifidotuzhdotch with the subject header “paper<paper number> presenting author: <author name>”. You can overwrite this at any time by sending another email of this type.

In case you are no longer intending to prepare and submit a full paper to ICT4S, please tell us immediately.