ICT for Sustainability - The Challenge of Making It Real


Conference Outcome and Documents

Welcome to the ICT4S Conference

The First International Conference on ICT for Sustainability provides a unique opportunity for you to meet world-leading experts in the field of sustainable design and use of Information and Communication Technologies. ICT4S will also give you the chance to contribute your own insights and ideas.

ICT4S is about utilizing the transformational power of ICTs for making our world more sustainable: saving energy and material resources by creating more value from less input of limited natural resources, increasing quality of life for all without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their needs.

The conference brings together leading researchers, developers and decision-makers from academia, politics and business to take stock of ICT’s role in sustainability. It aims to create an interdisciplinary synopsis and to inspire new ways of contributing to sustainability with the use of ICT. By providing an arena for interdisciplinary and critical reflection, the conference will help to improve the methodologies for evaluating, developing, and governing the effects of ICT systems on the sustainability of complex societal and environmental systems.


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