ICT for Sustainability - The Challenge of Making It Real

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Conference Outcome and Documents

(Last update: March 10, 2013)

Conference Recommendations

How to Improve the Contribution of ICT to Sustainability

Final Documents

Final Proceedings

Final Program (PDF)

Final Preconference Program (PDF)

Video Recordings of Presentations

Video Recordings

Presentation Slides

The slides for the presentations of the main conference are linked into the detailed program or are accessible from there via the links to the side-events.

Visual Protocols


If you want to get some of these pictures for non-commercial use (e.g., teaching), please write an email to ict4satifidotuzhdotch  (ict4satifidotuzhdotch)  .

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery


Best Paper Award: Marco Blumendorf, TU Berlin, Building Sustainable Smart Homes

Best Poster Award: Christina Herzog et al., Université de Toulouse, Linking Academia and Industry for a Green (IT) Society

Green Hackathon: Lukas Elmer and Diego Steiner, Battery Background, see Zurich Green Hackathon

Personal and Media Reports

Jennifer Mankoff: ICT4S trip report

Marco Rohner, Greenbyte: Storify

Eva Kern: Sustainable Software Blog

Marco Rohner, Greenbyte: Digitaler Klimaweg führt in die Wolke (in German)

Ariane Rüdiger: Cloud und Reuse sparen am meisten (in German)

Rüdiger Maier: IT für mehr Nachhaltigkeit (in German), published by www.report.at

Michaela Geiger: Energieeffizienz wird heute noch nicht gelebt (in German) published at VDI nachrichten

Radomir Novotny: Nachhaltigkeit als Herausforderung (in German)

Anna Ettlin, Empa Press Release: Nachhaltigkeit im digitalen Zeitalter (in German) PDF-version

ee-news: Empa: Nachhaltigkeit im digitalen Zeitalter (in German)

Background Documents

See here for background documents for this conference.

Next ICT4S Conference

ICT4S 2014 will take place in Stockholm in August or September 2014,organized by the Centre for Sustainable Communications (CESC) at KTH, in cooperation with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).